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Cleveland Rocks!

September 15, 2008

September 11, we had a special screening for members of the teaching community in the Cleveland area. Before the screening, Andrew got a chance to meet presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Guess he’s doing some campaigning—Ohio is a swing state…Who knew Obama was an Atlanta Braves fan and has the same taste in bling as Darius?

We remain a non-partisan/non-gender oriented cause, and we are looking for a rubber McCain/Palin mask to prepare a YouTube video for the debate.

Politics aside, the screening was incredible!

Jamie, Darius’s mom, flew in from Georgia. She participated in the Q & A with the rest of the crew.

The crowd loved her being there, and so did the crew.

After the screening our host, Kristin, took us to the dinner at the Winking Lizard, a Cleveland restaurant known for their wings. Darius and a few of the braver members of the crew even tried wings drenched in the famous 911 hot sauce.

We also got to hang out with Kristin’s husband Matt, Kristin’s dad Charley, and with Stewart and Donna Kohl. The Kohls sponsored last year’s Cleveland Film festival screening as well as this one.

Counting miniature bus sales and donations, there was an average of three DVD purchases per audience member! Thank you so much, Kristin and everyone in Cleveland for understanding the importance of this million DVD goal!


12,764 DVDs sold! Update as well as Akron blog coming soon….

Leading States: Georgia, New York, Ohio
How’s your state doing? To find out, click here.

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