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Catching Up with the ‘Rents In Augusta

December 15, 2008

Quote of the Day: “PS: I saw a bunch of people wearing their goslabi shirts around campus today! : )”–Augusta State host Laura Butler, in an email to Barbara Smalley the day after Darius Goes West screened.

Next, Darius and crew hit up Augusta State University for a screening at the JSAC Ballroom at the Student Activities Center.

We were greeted by Augusta State students. We got to hang out with them…

and dig into the delicious pizza they got for us. The meat-lovers, especially, was a huge hit with the crew.

After the screening itself, we spoke to the audience of students and community members about our year-long, million-DVD goal.

Their responsiveness and enthusiasm was really great; after the question-and-answer session, the audience told us that Augusta would definitely be one of DGW’s aides in eradicating Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Crew member John Hadden’s parents made the trip from Gibson, GA to hang out with us and encourage the crowd.

Crew members Logan and Ben’s parents were also there. Barbara quarterbacks all of DGW’s travels. She has family in Augusta, and it was cool to spend time with so many familiar faces.

The people we met for the first time were great, too!

The folks at Augusta bought a TON of merchandise.

Our host Laura (pictured with Darius) did a great job drumming up press and getting a big crowd out. Afterward, she told us about her new ideas to bring us back to Augusta and enroll even more Augustans in the cause.

We can’t wait! Thanks Laura, and Augusta State!


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