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Call for Volunteers: We Still Need You!

February 03, 2009

Yesterday, we called on supporters to volunteer by giving an hour of on-line work for Darius Goes West.

The response was overwhelming! We had HUNDREDS write to us to give support. In fact, crew-member Andrew has been up the past thirty hours coordinating our on-line volunteers!

But we’re still not at our 1,000 volunteer goal yet. So if you haven’t signed on: DO IT!!! The computer work is as simple as Google-searching and emailing.

Your support will help bring the cause to eradicate Duchenne muscular dystrophy to the generation that lives and dies with it: young people. Help Darius enlist the support of students across the country; keep Andrew awake! Or, hopefully, make him finally agree to let someone else sort volunteers for a while!

Please write to if you have any available time to volunteer from your computer.

Thank you!


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