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Busted on the Canadian Border

November 06, 2008

Quote of the day: “I never seen a squirrel like that. Sam, look at that squirrel. You ever seen a squirrel like that?”–Darius, talking about the dark-furred squirrel that we were focused on as Niagara Falls thundered behind us.

After our visit to Cobleskill, Darius and crew headed to Buffalo, NY. We made sure to give ourselves a day to see breathtaking Niagara Falls.

To get there, we crossed the border into Canada. But border officials wouldn’t let the RV into the country. Instead of just telling you why, we thought we’d give you three possible reasons. Let your imagination run wild.

Canada wouldn’t let us into the country because, either:

A) Border patrolmen wrote up DGW driver Daniel, jacked up on caffeine from three thermos-fulls of coffee, as a “potential threat to national security”…

B) Crew member Jason has several outstanding warrants…

or C) Our RV was still loaded down with DVDs, and they were worried we were going to sell undocumented American goods in Canada.

So, we had to go back over the border, park the RV, and walk across. Still, no hard feelings, Canada!

That’s one heck of a waterfall you have there. Water was coming down the falls so fast and so far down that, as soon as we got within about a quarter-mile of the falls, it was like it was raining.

How’s that umbrella working for you, Daniel?

The falls were genuinely spectacular in their beauty, but you have to admit that Darius was right…

That is the goofiest-looking squirrel we have ever seen.

After heartfelt goodbyes to Canada and Niagara Falls (and the squirrel), we headed back toward Buffalo.

Before we went to our hotel, we stopped at Duff’s for some of their world-famous Buffalo-style chicken wings. De-licious.

Also at Duff’s, an in-house artist went to work on a portrait of Darius. Here, he draws crew-member Sam. So life-like…it’s almost like looking at a photograph of Sam.

The next day, we made our way outside Buffalo for the screening at Eden High School, hosted by Chris Muller and the Independence Foundation.

The Independence Foundation provides support and assistance to people with physical disabilities. Through the foundation’s goals to provide accessible housing, employment, community involvement, and recreation, people with disabilities lead independent, self-directed lives.

Darius, who is about as independent and self-directed as they come, really values the work of the Independence Foundation, which has been such a friend to Darius Goes West. Here, Darius poses with Ben Muller, who works with the Independence Foundation. Ben lives in the first Independent House–a completely accessible home where young adults with disabilities reside.

New York state just approved full funding for a new Independence House. Great work, Independence Foundation!

Darius and crew find constant reinvigoration when we meet members of other organizations and communities who share our values. Thank you, Buffalo!


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4 Responses to “Busted on the Canadian Border”

  1. On November 7th, 2008, Meghan Baron said:

    you guys MUST watch this video— that music in this NBA commercial sounds EXACTLY like the music used in the film… whats the deal??

  2. On November 8th, 2008, Dariusgoeswest said:

    Wow, those are definitely in the same key and sound very similar. Nice find Meghan! Maybe we can charge them for using our music to help meet this million DVD goal! Kidding of course. For better or for worse, you can’t copyright a chord progression.

    “Darius Goes West: Wher—–court-side front row seats for sharing a piano tune–happens. hehehe

  3. On November 13th, 2008, Jess said:

    I’m so glad that you all came to Eden. Sorry the turn-out wasn’t better. But I was certainly glad I made the trip to see the movie. I loved it. You even helped to inspire me to do my master’s thesis project on handicap accessibility and whether current regulations are enough…so THANKS!

  4. On July 17th, 2010, Naomi said:

    The next time you cross into Canada, make your way to Winnipeg. Joshua would love to meet one of his biggest heroes from his favorite movie. You all are our heroes to us!!!

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