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Big D on the Green Screen in Fort Lauderdale

January 12, 2009

Quote of the day: “How many girlfriends do you have?”–audience-member, in response to, “Does anyone else have any burning questions before we go?” by Logan.

At Fort Lauderdale, Darius’s visit started with a trip to the Rocbox—Hollywood Playhouse’s recording studio!

The studio time was arranged by the operator and owner of the Hollywood Playhouse, Israel Valdes, in coordination with Claudia Rimoli and Ellen Sue Burton, our awesome hosts in Fort Lauderdale.

Many celebrities are investors in Hollywood Playhouse, and their producers work with big acts in the music industry.

Darius had a blast laying down some of his music with a real pro like Chris Jackson, pictured below.

Look for some of Darius’s music on the web site, coming soon!

Thank you so so SOOO much, Chris, Israel, Ellen Sue, Claudia, and everybody at Hollywood Playhouse. We’re grateful for the unique opportunity.

After the exhilarating studio session, we headed to the Hollywood Playhouse’s theater, which is in the same complex as the studio.

There, opera singer Samuel Udori provided an amazing voice. He surprised us with an incredibly moving rendition of that crew-favorite “Amazing Grace”. Rock on, Samuel!

The screening was organized by Claudia Rimoli and Ellen Sue Burton.

Ellen Sue publishes DUO Magazine

while Claudia is the creator of the A Better Back back support pillow. Darius himself is a proud user!

The organizing skills of our hosts matched their entrepreneurial skills, and the screening was great. It was a big night for Darius Goes West…

but our visit wasn’t over. Next, we were back at the Rocbox—this time to record a music video!

Chris and Israel were back at the helm, along with a fantastic production team including Laz, pictured below far right.

DGW crew-member Collin observed: “I haven’t seen D this happy since he got his pimped-out wheelchair!”

Thank you so much Claudia, Ellen Sue, Israel, Laz, Chris, Samuel, everyone at Hollywood Playhouse, and Fort Lauderdale!


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