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Big D Back in NYC

May 31, 2012

Quote of the day: “I’m never going to forget this trip.”–Ced, toward the end of his first visit to NYC and the end of Week 1 on the road.

After our Long Island visit, the crew piled into our van. Next stop…

New York City!

One of the most common questions Darius gets is, “So where is your favorite place to travel?” While there are a lot of places D loves to go (and plenty more where he hasn’t been yet but WANTS to go)…

New York City is always his answer.

As an added bonus, the Believe Tour crew met up with a lot of friends in the city, including Logan. Logan directed Darius Goes West and is, along with Darius, the driving force behind the direction of the Darius Goes West Foundation.

Also joining us in New York were friends-of-the-cause Stephanie Kent and Terin Izil.

In addition to being a great screening host, Terin founded and operates Camp Promise West, a week-long summer camp for people with neuromuscular disorders. They’re looking for volunteers and donations, so if you’re interested, check out the site! Camp Promise West goes from August 19-26 in Vaughn, WA, and Camp Promise East is July 29-August 4 in Hebron, CT.

As always, a trip to Flight Club–a huge sneaker store–was at the top of D’s NYC itinerary.

It was Pete and Ced’s first time in New York! They loved all the new experiences…

Including this breakdancing performance on a moving subway train!

In addition to Flight Club, the crew took in the Googa Mooga Music Festival in Brooklyn…

And a great dinner with editor Joann Davis and bestselling author Ken Davis (Don’t Know Much About History and other great books).

D’s buddy and long-time supporter of DGW, William White, was also able to drop by. Will not only appears in our movie, speaking on the courthouse steps in Athens when the crew took their trip in 2005, he was also instrumental in getting us funding for the initial DGW journey and for convincing ABC Nightline to follow us on this trip.

And later Darius hit Times Square with Julie Nusbaum…

And even got a portrait made!

All around, it was a special few days, spent with special friends.

Thank you, NYC!

For more NYC pictures, check out the Facebook album here.

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