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Believe Tour Crew Profile: Pete

June 02, 2012

Since the Believe Tour has gotten started, many folks have asked about the new members of D’s crew. In this ongoing series, we’ll take a look at the people traveling with Darius to help him share his music and his mission. Next up: Pete!

Find him on Facebook as: Pete doesn’t have Facebook (yet). His full name is Pete Davis, and he’s Darius’s stepfather.

Near the top of his playlist: Lean On Me, Bill Withers.

Role on the crew: Pete is Darius’s main caregiver on the road. He also helps sell merchandise and does whatever else needs doing. Barbara (the Tour manager) calls Pete “the hardest worker, hands down.”

Pete is also quite the chef; he treated the crew right during a Memorial Day grillout.

Growing up in Monroe, GA gave Pete an enthusiasm for the outdoors; he’s at his happiest outside, fishing pole in hand.

While it’s tough to be away from Jamie (Darius’s Mom) for so long, Pete speaks with her several times every day by phone, and he’s loving the new sights he gets to experience.

In fact, he collects room key cards from every hotel on the tour. “Folks are going to know where I’ve been,” he explains.

With his thick southern accent and his deep generosity, Pete is a great ambassador for Darius Goes West. He’s a huge asset to the Believe Tour, and Darius and the crew are grateful he’s on board.

Thanks for everything, Pete!

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