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Beach Birthday and B-day Wishes

October 03, 2008

After our DC stop, Darius and the crew set off for Amelia Island, FL.

There, Darius Goes West screened at the first-ever Amelia Island Film Festival.

The weather was perfect…

…so, while it took some work…

…we got to enjoy Darius’s 19th birthday at his favorite place–the beach! (notice the sand-wheelchair art above)

At the screening, we met up with some long-time supporters of Darius Goes West. Here, Karen Morse wishes D a happy birthday. It was great to hang out with Karen, husband Tim, and Karen’s parents Annette (with the plate of cake) and Tom (second from right), along with so many others.

To celebrate Darius’s birthday and the new million-DVD initiative, Annette had a special cake made. De-licious.

Here, Darius finishes blowing out the candles as Logan holds the cake and Sam watches. Meanwhile, the bartender in the background wonders what Sam could possibly be thinking with that mustache. We don’t know, either.

All in all, it was a great couple of days spent mingling with supporters and spreading the word…

…while getting some much-needed time in the sun. Thank you, Amelia Island!



Usually this section of a blog post is where we publish the Million DVD progress. For this post however, I want to share briefly what Darius answered when I asked him what his birthday wishes were. This is Logan typing, by the way. Usually the blog is a collaboration between Amble Johnson, Kevin Wier, and myself, but because I asked D the question when nobody else was around, I’m writing a solo account of his answers.

The first wish was “A cure”. The second wish was “A rap career”. Those were his only wishes.

I want to make mention that he said “A cure” in a very prideful and active tone. He said it the way he always talks. I decipher between different tones because, as you know, Darius is very sensitive to the differences between pity and support. He prefers the latter. He also wants a cure just as much for the next generation as he does for himself.

I also should mention that Darius’s rap skills have ballooned since purchasing a multi-track recorder for Christmas. The entire crew agrees (as well as handful of other rappers/music biz folk) that Darius, with some professional guidance, is capable of making an impact in the hip hop realm.

Why am I sharing these wishes? Well, hopefully the warnings about sharing wishes are old wives’ tales. We’re sharing them with the DGW community in hopes that you will join us in making them come true! We’re not just hoping, though. The entire crew is ready to focus and pursue these wishes for the duration of the million DVD year. Actually, we’ve already kind of started.

Wish One: “A Cure”
Wish Two: “A rap career”

Okay, well none of us is doctors, so we have to break the first wish down a little. How do we fund a “cure”, or rather, how do we fund research working towards a cure? The most direct way is to donate to our beneficiary Another direct option, which also raises awareness, is….duh….to purchase a DVD (or one million of them:). And if you just can’t afford to purchase or sponsor a DVD for yourself or a friend, you can still help us combat the number one reason people give us for not buying or even watching the film.

You may have noticed these types of comments on youtube feature day….
“It sounded good but really sad”, they say. “I don’t want to be sad”.

Does the Goslabi scene make you sad? Does the praying chihuahua scene make you sad? Does honorary Desperate Housewife, Jason Hees, psuedo cross-dressing with Felicity Huffman on a balcony in broad daylight make you sad?

Don’t tell us, tell them! (Well maybe, don’t tell them about Jason).

Please help us spread word of the funny side of our story by forwarding or embedding the video featured at the top of this blog. You can do that by simply copying and pasting the URL at the top of your browser.

Wish two: “Rap Career”

We’ll be working on one or more recordings of Darius rapping over the coming months. If you know anybody, or if are someone who can help get those recordings seen or heard, please contact us. Also, if you have any other ideas regarding these topics, please let us know.

The best part about working for DGW is working with the DGW community. This year’s challenge wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without each of you facing it with us.

Thank you!


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