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Back in the Windy City

July 21, 2009

Quote of the day: “I would have to say Chicago’s my favorite city”–Ben, after our second visit to the “second city”.

DGW’s tear through the Midwest continued with a trip to Chicago. Our host was Terin Izil, daughter of supporter April Quint. April hooked it up during our stay in western Washington last winter, so we knew we were in good hands.

Terin is a counselor at a summer camp for young people with neuromuscular disorders. Camp Promise - West will be held August 16-23, 2009, in Vaughn, Washington. Camp Promise - West is still looking for volunteers for the camp, as well as money to fund the week. Please visit the Camp Promise - West’s First Giving site and donate. No amount is too small; $10 covers a camp bunk for one night.

First up in Chicago was a stop at Healy School.

After a packed schedule the last few weeks, the crew was definitely worn out. Terin said that when we got out of the RV (all looking like Daniel, above), she thought to herself: “this is going to be the longest two days ever.”

Luckily, the warm reception from Healy students woke us up, and our Chicago stay was great.

Inspired by Darius, Healy students and teachers lined up to support the cause and show off their DGW spirit.

We left Healy with a fresh jolt of energy. Next up was an architectural tour…

from a boat on the Chicago River! Though the fog rolled in a bit…

the views were still spectacular. Thanks for the free tickets, Shoreline Sightseeing!

Next we headed to Alhambra Palace Restaurant for the night’s screening, organized by Terin.

The venue was awesome (there was even a waterfall inside!), and the team led by Terin of John Butsch, Andrea Cure, Becky May, and Alhambra’s Megan Milligan did a great job getting the word out and executing.

A raffle…

as well as big merchandise sales combined to make the night hugely successful as a fundraiser for Darius Goes West. Thanks Terin, Megan, Andrea, John, Becky, Alhambra, all of our CCP supporters, and Chicago!

The next day, we all got to see the Oprah show as members of the studio audience! Thanks, Mary Lee Brody and Sally Lou Loveman for hooking up the tickets.

Here we are after the show, posing next to buckets of grilled chicken that all the audience received.

After Oprah, we went to Pizzeria UNO for some Chicago-style deep dish pizza—on the house! When Terin asked what we wanted to do in Chicago a few months before our stay, “deep dish pizza” was the first thing to come to our minds.

Mmmm…Chicago. Thanks UNO!

Then we wandered the city for a while, enjoying the sites, including…

Millenium Park, home of Cloud Gate, aka “the Bean”, above.

We contemplated some of the park’s world-class outdoor art and design…

and this cardinal attacked Kevin after one too many pictures.

Later, we headed to New Trier High School…

for a screening organized by Sarah Burton (above), with help from other New Trier students.

The crowd talked with the crew about fundraising ideas for schools.

We closed the evening with merchandise sales…

and a laid-back meal with our hosts.

Long stretches on the road can be brutal. But nothing is more restorative than a couple of big days of fundraising with great people.

Thank you, Terin, Sarah and Julie Burton, Sally Lou, and Chicago, for making that happen!


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