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Athens Rotary and the Interact Club

February 04, 2009

Quote of the Day: “Me and Sam were at a concert, and we got to meet Kanye backstage–well I got to meet Kanye backstage”–Darius, telling the Cedar Shoals audience about the celebrities he’s met.

Darius and some of the crew-members spoke at a recent meeting of the Athens Rotary Club.

Rotary International is a service club whose guiding principle is: “to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise” (from the Rotary web site)

After a brief address, we showed clips of the movie.

Next, we talked about what we do and how it fits into the Rotary ideal of furthering service through communication. Then we spent some time mingling.

It was great to hang out with so many influential members of the Athens community and so many longtime supporters of the cause, like Pat Allen, who invited us to speak…

and hopefully the networking practice will be put to good use at TED Talks.

Next, the crew headed across town to Cedar Shoals High School. Darius actually spent his freshman year at Cedar Shoals.

Sally Lamaistre and the Interact Club hosted us at Cedar, with principal Dr. Gilbert facilitating.

Interact Clubs —like the one at Cedar Shoals—are self-supporting and self-governing, but they’re guided by Rotary International.

The audience of students, parents, and community members really responded to Darius’s vision of engaged young people taking on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and they were eager to enlist as supporters.

Props to Ms. Lemaistre and the Interact Club students, and to CJ, Alberto, Justin, and Andy for getting all the tech set up.

Our hometown of Athens has been and continues to be extremely supportive of Darius and his cause.

Thank you, Rotary Club and Cedar Shoals!


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